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The Chevrolet Vega is a subcompact automobile produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors for the 1971 to 1977 model years. Introduced September 10, 1970 as the Vega 2300, its name came from a bright star in the northern skies and the engine's approximate displacement in cubic centimeters. Designed from scratch in twenty four months by a team of fifty GM corporate engineers assigned exclusively to the program, the Vega was available in four models: a notchback sedan, a hatchback coupe, a station wagon, and a panel delivery (thru 1975). All have two doors and hold four passengers, with the exception of the panel delivery which is designed for one passenger. The Vega engine is a 140 CID (139.6 cu in)  aluminum-block inline-4. The Vega competed directly with its domestic rivals from Ford and AMC and imports from Toyota and Datsun as well as the rear-engined VW Beetle. Conservative estimates had placed the cost of bringing the Vega from drawing board to production reality at a staggering $200 million (a billion in today's money) compared to about $5 million for the AMC Gremlin. Road and Track editor John R. Bond praised the Vega in a 1970 "Technical Analysis & Driving Impression" saying, "I think the Vega is beyond a doubt the best handling passenger car ever built in the U.S." Motor Trend awarded the Vega 1971 "Car of the Year" after a grueling 4-day ride and drive that saw 10 of Detroit's finest put through a 1000 mile wringer. Car and Driver readers voted the Vega "Best Economy Sedan" 1971, 1972 and 1973 in the C&D Annual Reader's Choice Poll. In the Vega's first year on the market it managed to unseat the incumbent import, breaking its eight year winning streak. The one-millionth Vega was produced May 17, 1973. The Vega was among the top 10 best-selling American cars in 1974 with a model-year sales peak of 460,374. The Cosworth Twin-Cam, a limited production, performance model was introduced in March 1975 featuring a 122 CID (121.7 cu in) all-aluminum inline-4... (more)


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